Emma’s Poems from School

I Remember

I remember hiking at the Narrows and exploring

I remember the first time I went to the Del Mar Fair

I remember sledding in Wisconsin

I remember hiding in the basement during a tornado

I remember being amazed seeing a car flipped upside down

I remember staring at the two headed corn snake at the San Diego Zoo

I remember a game my brother and I used to play

I remember my grandparent’s clock that scared me

I remember the first time I was in Bubby and Zaida’s basement

I remember when my mom came home with a new T.V.

I remember when I played with an old typewriter even though my parents said no

I remember staying in a hotel with my grandparents

I remember getting a weaving set from my grandparents that changed my life

I remember the fun I had during a girl scout camping trip in Julian when it snowed

I remember when I got a barbie house for Christmas

I remember when I climbed on a Sea World jungle gym

I remember when I taught a kid to write the letters A to S

I remember when I saw my baby photos

I remember when I found out that pencil toppers were sold at Round Table

Things I Wanted To Do

I wanted to get my own room

I wanted to grow out my hair to donate to a charity

I wanted to see my grandparent’s house one last time

I wanted to come up with an idea and write for T.V. show I like

I wanted to meet characters from my favorite books

I wanted to become less stubborn

I wanted to play in the snow

I wanted to ride a wagon down a hill

I wanted to have a tree house in my backyard

I wanted to ride in a canoe

I wanted to jump off a high dive

I wanted to not be negative all the time

I wanted to return to Sea World

I wanted to jump in a leaf pile

I wanted to get in a snowball fight

I wanted to play Minecraft all day

I wanted to sleep in

I wanted to go on a mother daughter camping trip


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Two Books I Like by Lois Lowry

Lois Lowry wrote two books that I really like, one that I like more than the other.  The books are Gathering Blue and The Giver. Gathering Blue is about an orphan girl who gets a new role in her community as a threader (an embroiderer).  The Giver is a book about a boy called Jonas who lives a pain-free life, until he gets selected to become the Receiver of Memories, which is the most important job in the community.  If you read on you will learn more about Gathering Blue and The Giver.

I liked Gathering Blue more than The Giver, which may seem surprising, but Gathering Blue is the better book.  I liked it better because Kira’s society is more dystopian, and I like dystopias.  I recommend the book to you, but I don’t want to give away too much.  Kira, the main character, is an orphan with a twisted leg.  She is useless at manual labor.  Her mother has protected her all her life, but then her mother dies so she will probably go to the Field of Leaving and be taken by beasts.  But she is spared by the Council of Guardians, even though a woman called Vandara hates her.  Kira is good at embroidering, and that is why she is spared.  And now she has to repair the Singer’s Robe before the Song, and she really wants blue dye.  The problem is blue dye does not exist in her society.  But she has a friend called Matt who might help her in her tough, tough life.  I like Kira so much because she is kind, like her mother Katrina, and because she finds out more about her society than ever before.

Even though The Giver won the Newbery Award, I liked Gathering Blue better.  But The Giver is still a good book.  The main character in The Giver is Jonas, he is a twelve year old boy who is selected to become the Receiver of Memories.  He lives in society in which the Receiver of Memories is the most important job.  The Receiver of Memories is someone who gets a lot of memories from the Receiver before him, that makes him wise.  When the Receiver gets someone to train, he becomes the Giver.  The Receiver is wise and so the important people in the society ask him questions, and the Receiver uses his wisdom to answer them.  The training to become to become the Receiver involves a lot of pain, and Jonas is afraid of that and of failing at becoming the Receiver.  The Giver called the pain indescribable.  I think that Jonas is really brave to undergo the training, and yet courage is one of the qualities that they saw in him that made them choose him as the Receiver.  Jonas, in the end, rescues a baby called Gabriel from being released, which means being kicked out of the society.  Jonas has a very important role ahead of him as the Receiver, and I think he is going to do awesome because he possesses all of the qualities to become the Receiver, and I don’t think he will fail.

I think that both books are excellent, and the endings are both really surprising.  I just finished Gathering Blue yesterday, and I cannot wait to start The Messenger, which is the companion book to both Gathering Blue and The Giver.

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How I Know So Much About Developing Babies

I really like watching and reading about babies developing.  I don’t know why I like it so much, it is just interesting to me.  I get my information from Netflix, DVDs, and books.  The first thing I saw that got me interested in it was an old PBS video called “Life’s Greatest Miracle.”  And the video had pictures from a book called A Child is Born by Lennart Nilson and Lars Hamberger that I still own today.  I remember the book has great photos and images, and I still read it occasionally.

Other videos I watch are National Geographic’s “Inside the Living Body”, “In the Womb”, and “In the Womb : Multiples”.  There is also a Discovery Health video called “Body in Numbers.”  They are all about the human body, and also have something to do with babies developing.  And there are two videos about the human body on Netflix.  They are “The Amazing Human Machine” and “The Science of Babies”.  I would recommend these to people because they are interesting and educational, so parents, if you are reading this, force your kids to watch them.  They and you will learn about the human body.

In first grade I did a science fair project (with my mom’s help) on the development of babies.  You will see pictures I drew of the photos from the book A Child is Born below.  I organized my poster from the sperm fertilizing the egg to it all ending happily with the baby being born.  I talk about the brain, the heart, the eyes, and everything else developing.

This is how I got to know all about the human body and about developing babies.


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A Baking Project With Mom

One day I was watching an episode of Phineas and Ferb, and I got the idea of making pretzels at home.  In the episode Doofenschmirtz told Perry the Platypus a backstory where he was kicked out of pretzel making because he couldn’t make them right.  I decided that it would be fun to make pretzels on my own, so I told my mom, and a few days later we finally got around to it.

We bought the ingredients that we were missing, which were bread flour and yeast.  We found a pretzel recipe, and I put the link at the bottom of this blog post.   Below are the pictures my mom took of the stages in making pretzels.  These pictures tell a story, why don’t you look at them?  I think it was fun rolling the dough snakes and twisting them into pretzels.  I found that I was good at that.  I think that the pretzels were delicious, and that my mom and I should make another batch.

If you want to make pretzels like I did, this is the link to the recipe I used.  I think you will have to do some shopping for some of the ingredients.  I hope that you feel encouraged by all this to make pretzels, and it will be worth it because they will make a tasty snack.



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Thank U Post for My Friends

I had a lot of fun at my party, thanks to you friends.  You helped me make the most of it, and personally I think it was great.  I had a lot of great snacks like Pirate’s Booty and pizza, and a lot of great friends, like you guys.  I spent my time playing games in the pool with you friends, and some of them were pretty fun.  I loved the cake, even though it was a bit rich for me.

Thank you all for coming to the party and the great presents.  Those presents definitely weren’t crummy.



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I Want to Eat at the Scripps’ Restaurant

We went to the SIO pier to do something called the Moonlight Pier Walk.  We got a tour of the campus and the most lovely building was nicknamed “The Forum.”  The Forum was a new decked out building that had a beachy look to it.  Inside there was an auditorium, some classrooms, and even a restaurant.  The restaurant, called Caroline’s, is even mentioned in the title to my post.

After the tour we actually went on the pier.  We got a tour of the pier, and we also did things like squid dissections, picking through mussel clumps, and we operated a plankton net.  There was also this table about sharks.   There was a dried out whole shark, shark egg cases, shark teeth, and among those shark teeth was a fossilized Megalodon tooth.  Megalogodon was an ancient species of shark that was the biggest type ever.

I got some gifts at the end but I didn’t like them.  We had to leave the pier because I was shivering non stop.  I think if you went in the winter it would be really really cold, and I recommend bringing a heavy coat because it gets cold at night.

This is me holding up the shark mummy.

In the photo I am writing with the pen of the squid (which is the squid’s version of a backbone) using its own ink.

This is a funny picture I took of my mom’s pants. My mom wanted me to take a picture of her with a tiger shark jaw, but I didn’t and instead I took a picture of her pants, the second picture was also bad, and third one came out good.


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Canyon walk and trash pick up

On Saturday my mom and I went to the canyon to pick up trash.  I picked up some trash, but my mom did a lot of the work, because she was the only one who had a glove.  I think we should bring a glove for me next time we go.  In the canyon we found some trash, even an orange!  Below is some of the trash we found.

There were also some plants and animals that I saw in the canyon.  There was this green blanket of duck week over the water, and it completely covered it.  It looked so much like land that it was completely hypnotizing and my mom couldn’t leave it.  And I liked seeing the crayfish and fish swimming in the water at the oasis.  When we were walking I heard a dove and then I saw it for real, perched on a tree branch.  And last but not least we saw a lizard sunning itself on a rock.

I was really tired at the end and I wouldn’t have made it home if we hadn’t rested in a shady field.


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